Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ears, puzzles and potty

It seems that the sickness has not yet worked it's was through the house.  CeCe had a terrible night last night and seemed to be pulling at her ear quite a bit, so I took her in this morning.  It turns out that she does have an ear infection, so now she's on antibiotics.  Jorja's last day of antibiotics is today, so I guess maybe it's time for the next one to start.  Hopefully she's on the mend by Monday.

The girls are both doing puzzles right now.  Jorja has loved puzzles since forever, and Ginny has recently taken an interest in them as well.  She can do a 24 piece puzzle pretty good all by herself.  Jorja is up to the 150 piece count.  As I was listening to them talk while they did their puzzles, Ginny said, "I'm doing awesome!"  It's good to have some self-confidence I guess.

Ginny is doing awesome with the peeing part of the potty training.  She wears panties all day now and pretty much without incident.  She even went to a birthday party this morning at the Fun Factory and had no accidents.  She still refuses to poop though.  So far, we've only been able to get her to go in a pull-up.  I'm not sure how we're going to get over this hurdle - she's pretty stubborn and pretty scared to go in the toilet.  I guess it will come, hopefully sooner than later.  If she would just let that first one go, she would be fine, but she clamps up tight as soon as she sits down there.  You can see her push and then the look of horror when it gets close and then she shuts the door.  Crazy.

I hear CeCe through the monitor now.  I think she slept more this afternoon than she did all last night.  I guess I should go get her out.  Later.

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