Friday, December 13, 2013

Well played

Jorja and Ginny sit beside each other at the supper table. Sometimes eating takes a backseat to other shenanigans. In order to prevent certain behavior, today I told them that if I had to 'talk' to them at all during the meal, there would be five minutes of cleanup time. They were actually quite well behaved (better than usual) but did have one little hiccup. So they each ended up with a five minute sentence. I told them I would set the timer on my phone while they went about their business. I was upstairs and the timer went off. They were busy cleaning away, so I didn't bother disturbing them. Soon they came up and said they were all done. 'Great job!' I said. Then they asked if their five minutes were up. I sheepishly said that they went overtime. Jorja gave me a look and said, 'Well played Dad, well played.'  It was all I could do to keep it together. 

Fast forward a little bit into the evening. Jorja and Ginny were sitting side by side in the recliner watching tv. I came downstairs and they both started giggling. I wasn't sure what was up and they weren't telling me. Anyway, their show ended and I told them it was time for a shower and bed. At this point, Jorja proceeded to let out a big fart. Then the two of them started killing themselves laughing. Jorja said, 'You played a trick on us, we played a trick on you.'  At that point she pulled my toque out from under her butt and handed me the freshly farted on piece of headwear. (They were beside themselves laughing now.) I've got to hand it to them. Well played Jorja. Well played. Later. 

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  1. Hey!! Had no idea you were a blogger, too! Mom just told me so I had to come check ya out! Well played, cuz, well played!