Monday, December 23, 2013

As you wish

This morning I told CeCe to put the lid back on her marker before she left the table. She said, 'As you wish.' I love that kid too. 

We had a Christmas party for some of our friends this weekend. We started looking at who we would like to invite a while ago and realized our house would not be big enough. So we rented the school gym. That has to have been the best idea ever. I think the mix was about half adult, half kids with a total of 30 people there. The kids all had a blast. Maybe it's the fact they've been cooped up inside for so long with this cold weather, but just running around with a few balls in the gym provided hours of entertainment. They were close, but not too close, so we could visit too. It was a great time. 

Needless to say everyone was a little overtired the next day.  The two little girls were up at their usual 7:00, but Jorja of all people slept till 8:20! That is unheard of for her. Maybe she's hitting her teenage years early. Maybe not, because she was the first one up again this morning. 

So yesterday after our party was a bit of a lazy day. CeCe wanted to relax and watch a movie, so I put Barbie's 'A Perfect Christmas' on for her.  I just put it on and walked away. A few minutes later I heard 'Daddy! Daddy, I need you!' coming up the stairs. I said to Julie that if I went down, CeCe would want me to hit play on the DVD because it was now stopped on the menu screen. I went downstairs and this is what I found. 
She wanted me to hit play. How could I refuse that, all snuggled in already.  As you wish CeCe, as you wish. Later. 

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