Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Day

On Christmas Day, we set out for Julie's parents' place. It's about a three and a half hour drive which can seem like a lot more depending on how the girls are doing. The drive started out alright. Jorja and Ginny decided that they were going to look out the window to 'see the beauty of the world around us.'  The next few kilometers were filled with 'look, a barn' and 'cows!' and 'look at the trees. They're like a real forest.'  It's amazing what you see when you turn the tv off. The novelty of all this nature was pretty much worn off by Delisle though (maybe half an hour) and then the DVD player came on. There was still a lot if 'are we there yet?' from CeCe before she fell asleep. 

We arrived late afternoon in time for a feast and then more Christmas presents. Jorja read the Christmas story his year. 
Theses next few pictures are actually from our Christmas in Saskatoon, but I just found them on Julie's phone:
As you can see, everything was a hit. Merry Christmas everyone. Later. 

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