Friday, December 27, 2013

Boxing Day

There is a tradition at the Fritzke farm each Boxing Day that keeps growing. Julie came up with the name, and each year we hit the 'red neck slopes.'  If you're CeCe, this is a giant mountain for sledding. If you're an adult, it's a nice hill in the pasture. 

The first year consisted of a toboggan being pulled behind the backhoe. The next year we made it into the hills. Last year there was a fire and some roasting of hotdogs and marshmallows. This year was a feast consisting of hotdogs, smokies, oranges, cookies, marshmallows, juice boxes, pop and thermoses of coffee. We were joined by Julie's uncle and his family this year as well. Julie's other uncle drive out her great granny to watch too. Being 92, she chose to just watch the sledding.  
She enjoyed a hotdog and a juice box and visiting with everyone though. Here are some more pics of the festivities:
Yes, the event is definitely growing. Julie's Dad spent the day before plowing a path out there, so everyone could drive out. I believe we had two cars, two SUVs, a truck, a quad, and the backhoe. 

Everyone had a blast, and other than a few sore muscles on some of us older bodies, there were no injuries. Needless to say, the girls had no problem falling asleep. Later. 

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