Thursday, April 12, 2012

Two years

Two years ago today, I started this blog.  Crazy how time flies.  CeCe was only a couple of months old.  Ginny was still in diapers.  Jorja wasn't in school.  Now CeCe just started sleeping in a toddler bed (no more crib!).  Ginny is getting excited for preschool on the fall.  Jorja is in Grade 1 and loving it. 

Quite a while back, I came across this site called blog2print, where you just put in your blog address, and it generates a book out of your blog.  I thought it would be a nice way to remember things, so I printed one up at the end of each of the last two years.  Jorja has stumbled across the first one, and likes to read it.  It seems strange hearing a six year old asking to read 'From Beer to Babies.'  Oh well, it may seem strange to hear Ginny asking me what kind of beer I tested today, but that's just the way it goes around here.  Anyway, Jorja likes reading my 'memory book.'  Well, most of the time that is.  Keep in mind she was 4 when I started writing.  She came across a story where she had a bit of a temper tantrum/meltdown.  As she was reading it, you could hear the expression in her voice change as she got deeper into the story and realized it wasn't a very flattering picture being painted of her.  Up until this point, pretty much everything she had read had been funny.  When she was done, she asked me why I wrote that, and I said I didn't really remember, just that that is what happened on that day.  "You shouldn't have written that," she said.  Yup, she wasn't very impressed with me after that.  Oh well, I wonder what she'll say if she ever gets around to reading this.

CeCe is saying so much now, and repeating everything we say.  Some of her pronunciations are really cute though, and I managed to capture this.  My favourite is how she says See-ooo-bee for sleeping beauty.


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