Monday, April 9, 2012

Global warming, bugs, Easter and ink

I'm not sure what is going on with us this spring, but I am getting sick of all the sickness.  I'm going to go ahead and blame it on global warming.  The winter was too warm to kill any off any nasty bugs and we just happened to catch them all.

It started last Tuesday night at 2:30am.  CeCe threw up.  And then she did it again.  And again.  After the third time, I was holding her in the rocking chair trying to put her back to sleep when Ginny walked in and said her stomach hurt.  I told her she was okay and she should go back to bed.  Then she puked on the side of the rocking chair and all over the floor.  JULIE!!  On the upside, that was one barf that didn't require an entire bedding change.  We got through the rest of the night with only a couple more hiccups.  I stayed home with the two youngest and Jorja went to school and Julie went to work.  By noon, everyone was home.  I think at that point, Jorja was just exhausted.  She didn't sleep much through all the drama.  Long story short, everyone napped.  That's a pretty good sign they aren't feeling well.

Thursday was better, so we packed up and headed to Julie's parents' place for the Easter weekend.  Friday was my turn.  Nothing ever actually happened, I just felt super nauseous all day long.  Saturday Jorja woke up and said she was tired and actually went back to sleep.  That should have been a fairly strong signal she wasn't feeling well.  When she did get up, she had a fever and said she had a headache.  I gave her some Advil, and she then puked those back up into my hands.  Julie was also suffering from round 2 of this nasty bug, so we packed up and went home.  Happy Easter.

Easter Sunday Julie was still under the weather, but Jorja was pretty much better.  Today was good, so hopefully we are all on the mend.  Again.

Sunday morning we had some Easter eggs hid for the girls.  I got up with Jorja and Ginny (at 6:30) and told them they could look at their baskets but to leave the eggs until CeCe was up.  Well, the two little monsters may not have moved the eggs, but they knew where pretty much everyone was when CeCe got up.  Oh well, CeCe beat them to eating the candy faster.  One plastic egg opened up and spilled its contents onto the floor and CeCe had three Eggies and a Skittle in her mouth before the other two even moved.  Yeah, she's my daughter.

Today was pretty cold out, but we went outside for a bit.  Ginny went over to the evergreen and took a needle off.  She said to me, "When it's warmer out, we use these to play real tattoos that hurt."  Alright then.  Move over Miami Ink.  This is Backyard Ink.  Later.  

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