Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cleaning with Ginny

I'm getting really tired of writing about being sick, but that seems to be all there is to our life lately.  This time it's the adults though.  Last weekend I came down with some nasty flu - aches, fever, sore throat.  I was pretty much over it by Tuesday, but then it hit Julie.  She came home from work Wednesday, and today is the first day she feels like herself again.  Crazy.

Friday morning when Jorja was at school, CeCe, Ginny and I were hanging out and playing.  Ginny wanted to play something else, so I suggested that we clean up some of the toys that were on the floor first.  It sounded like a good idea at the time and everyone agreed.  However, after about two Little Pet Shops were in the bin, Ginny was off to the bathroom.  As she was closing the door, she said, "You guys can keep cleaning up while I'm in here."  Thanks.  So we did.  Well, I did anyway.  CeCe will put stuff away if you give something to her and tell her to put it away.  It's just quicker to help out.  Ginny came out of the bathroom when she was done her business and was apparently pleased with my progress.  "It looks good out here guys," she said.  Again, thanks Ginny.

I kind of missed the boat on soccer registration this year, so when I realized this, Jorja's age group was full.  She was devastated (more with the idea of not playing than with actually not playing I presume).  So we looked around for another activity to put her in and found some spring skating lessons.  Her first time was last Wednesday and she actually did not too bad.  She didn't have to use a 'walker' anyway.  I have to tell you though, I don't think I would have been walking the next day if I had taken the same spills she had.  But she only cried once (when she fell on her nose) and was smiling at the end, so all is well.  Her knees look like she took quite the beating though.  I guess we'll see how tender they are this week.

Today was a beautiful day out, and we got the trampoline set up.  The girls had fun and even CeCe got into it.  The only hard part is getting the older two to tame down the jumping when CeCe is up there.  Ginny did end up with a bloody nose at one point, but she survived.  We even took the bikes out for a little spin.  I'm so looking forward to summer - I hope we have some decent weather.  Later.

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