Saturday, February 18, 2012

The stupendous day of awesome

Today started out pretty much like any other Saturday.  Little did we know that it would turn into the 'stupendous day of awesome.'  But I'll get to the awesomeness in a moment.  Let's start at the beginning.  The conversation between Julie and I went something like this: 

What should we do today? 
I'm not sure, what do you want to do? 
I don't know.  Who's taking Ginny to piano lessons?
Should we all go out and do something after?
What would we do after?
I don't know.  Farmer's market?
Alright, let's gather the troupes.

It was decided that Julie would take Ginny to piano lessons, so that left Jorja, CeCe and me an hour to kill.  I opted for a car wash first.  CeCe was a little freaked out, so big sister Jorja covered her eyes.  That seemed to ease the nervousness a bit.  Tears were avoided and all was well.  (A little bit of awesome.)

Ginny got to pick the locale for lunch and she picked 'Timim Horton's'.  CeCe really got into her dessert.  Well mostly anyway.  She just ate the top half off the doughnut until no more icing or sprinkles were visible.  Then she was miraculously full.  (A little more awesome.)

Next we were off to the farmer's market.  There had recently been a winter festival there and some of the ice sculptures were still there.  There was an ice castle complete with a little luge track that the girls went down.  There was also an ice bench to sit on with a bit of straw on it to take the edge off. (Really awesome!)

All that excitement seemed a bit much for CeCe.  She crashed on the way to our next destination.  We were going to a used kids' clothing store to see what we could find for dresses.  Little did we know that on this day of awesome, there was an even better treat in store.

FACE PAINTING!!  (Extreme awesome!!)

Poor CeCe didn't wake up until the other two were all done at the store.  So she stayed in the car and slept while I played with my iPhone and Julie took the girls in.

From there, we went to Booster Juice for a smoothie and then made one final stop at Auntie J's house.  (One last bit of awesome.)  By the time we got home, it was almost supper time.  Needless to say, we had some tired girls by the time bed time rolled around.  Jorja dubbed the day, the 'stupendous day of awesome.'  A fairly good start to Family Day weekend I would say.  My only fear is that we peaked too soon.  It's going to be tough to top this day.  Later. 

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