Tuesday, February 7, 2012

CeCe turns two

Today was CeCe's second birthday.  Hard to believe really.  It seems like yesterday, and yet so much has happened since then.  If it hadn't been for her, I probably never would have started writing this blog.  Well, her and Julie being sick and me being off work on parental leave.  A long story.  That seems like a long time ago.

We had a bit of a party for her on Saturday.  Not too big, she doesn't really get it yet.  We had our sitter and her family over as well as Julie's cousin.  She got right into the swing of things though.  We asked her if she was having a birthday party.  She got all excited and said, "Yeah, pawties!"  For some reason she was always having more than one.  Julie bought balloons and had them filled with helium.  She thought that was pretty special.  She's really into Elmo right now, so Julie made her an Elmo cake:
By this time of the meal, she had already pulled her pony tails out.  Her hair is still pretty short, but Julie managed to put a couple of little 'sprouts' in there.  After all, the other girls were having their hair done and she doesn't like to be left out.  When Julie was done, Ginny looked at CeCe's little sprouts and said, "She looks like and alien."  They're ponies Ginny, not antennae, but thanks for your honesty.

Then came time for the presents.  After opening her first one and getting a couple of books, it was tough to get her to keep going.  'I've got two new books, why would I need to open anything else?'  Eventually she got into them all and was vibrating when she pulled her new rock and roll Elmo out of the bag.  We can't even blame anyone else - we bought it ourselves.  We must be getting soft.  We resisted all the talking/tickling Elmos for almost seven years now.  He's not so bad though.  He plays the drums and tambourine and isn't even too loud.  Maybe I'm just getting better at tuning things out. 

So today, her actual birthday was kind of low key.  They did have cupcakes at the sitter's house, and I stuck a candle in a cookie after supper.  We also measured her on our 'wall'.  I think she may be our little one.  We don't have a measurement from Jorja's second birthday, but she's about an inch shorter that Ginny was.  Oh well, being the shortest isn't so bad. 

Happy birthday CeCe.  We love you.  Later.

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