Tuesday, November 29, 2011

CeCe gets mad

Ginny likes to make me 'smoothies' during her bath time.  She takes the cup I use for rinsing her hair and fills it with water, sometimes rubber ducks, sometimes face cloths and suds.  Sometimes she takes my order, other times she just gives me whatever she feels like.  As long as I pretend to drink it and ooh and aah about how this is the best smoothie I've ever tasted, she is happy.  The other night as she was making one, she informed me that she was putting spices into it.  This was something new.  I've never had one with spices before.  So I asked her what kind of spice she was using.  She looked at me, gave a little grin and said, "Cho-co-late chi-ip!"  Ahh, she knows me well.  That would have to be one of my favourite 'spices.'

Our ninja doesn't seem to be going away either.  Now she's got her own alter ego ninja persona - Ninja Lily!  Yes, she strikes fear into those who hear it and get caught in her path.  HIYAH!

Jorja brought home her report card this week.  Yup, she takes after me.  And Julie of course.  But now she's sick again - this is the third day of school she missed this week.  She's had a headache, slightly upset stomach and been coughing her lungs out.  Julie took her in yesterday and it turns out she has an infection in her chest, so she's on antibiotics.  Fun and games.

CeCe is developing into quite the little character.  She too definitely has a mind of her own.  We have a child gate on our family room to keep her from coming up the stairs and wreaking havoc everywhere.  I was getting supper ready the other day and needed something from the basement, so I had to walk through the family room.  Jorja, Ginny and CeCe were all playing down there, and all was well until I came into sight.  CeCe felt that she should be accompanying me to the kitchen, and decided to let me know.  She started walking over to the little Christmas tree (we have two - one small one with 'child-friendly' decorations downstairs and the big one with breakables upstairs).  She grabbed a decoration off the tree (while I was telling her not to touch the tree) and proceeded to march over to the gate and throw the decoration over the gate in my general direction.  Well, let me tell you, that was not going to fly.  I managed to keep a straight face (her little march of defiance was kind of cute and funny looking) and told her that that was NOT what we did.  She then spent her first time on the 'naughty step.'  So it begins.  Later.

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