Saturday, November 26, 2011


This afternoon we put up the tree.  Well, I put up the tree, strung the lights and garland this morning while Ginny and Julie were at piano lessons and then the girls decorated it this afternoon.  I think next year may be a bit more relaxing.  This year was a bit stressful to say the least.  Jorja and Ginny were excited and pulling decorations out of the box.  CeCe didn't really know what was going on - just that she wanted to be involved.  So between keeping her under control and keeping the really breakable ornaments away from the other two, it was busy.  I was ready for it to be over.  A lot of the ornaments have strings tied in a loop to put them on the tree.  The girls got them on, but not very far, so when they went to put the next one up, the previous one hit the floor.  There was a lot of 'Bang!'  'What was that?!'  'It's okay, it's not broken.'  In the end, there were two fatalities, but the girls had fun and were pretty proud of themselves.

It is also a yearly tradition in our house to bring out the Fisher Price Little People nativity scene.  The girls were all over that this afternoon.  When you push the angel on the roof, it plays 'Away in the Manger.'  Jorja didn't know all the words, but she remembered we had a story book that had all the words for the song.  So she went and found the book, played the tune on the stable and read the words and by the end of the afternoon, she had the whole song down.  Pretty impressive.

After everyone is bed, I like to find all the pieces and line everything up.  Julie thinks I enjoy it, and to be truthful, I do.

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