Friday, December 9, 2011

December...part 1

It's hard to believe where this month has gone.  We're less than a week to Christmas now.  I will try to remember some of what has gone on over the past few weeks.  Some photos may help me.

The first weekend of the month was the kids' Christmas party put on by my employer.  They do it every year, and it is always so much fun.  The girls really look forward to it.  The past several have been at the Fun Factory here in town.  Doesn't that just scream a good time?!  It's a whole factory of fun after all.  All three girls enjoyed themselves.  There is a huge maze of tunnels, slides, ball pits and the such for the older girls.  I did have to go in once to rescue Ginny.  I had to do the same thing last year too.  There is one particular slide that ends in a small ball pit.  The only way out is just out of Ginny's reach.  Jorja tried to boost her, but couldn't quite to it, so I got the frantic call.  "Dad, come quick!  Ginny's stuck!"  At least this year she wasn't freaking out when I got there.

There is also a small area for toddlers to play in complete with their own ball pit.  CeCe could obviously not read the sign that said 'Keep balls in ball pit' as her favourite activity seemed to be going and getting them and throwing them over the little fence that enclose the play area.  Oh well, she had a little helper who apparently could read the sign and took it as his own mission to gather up the balls she had thrown out.

And after a couple hours of fun and sugar, Santa showed up.  Not one of our kids cried this year!  That was definitely a first.  Jorja and Ginny both talked to him, CeCe not so much.  She sat there though, and used her famous 'if I don't look at you, you don't really exist' defense.  She's quite good at it really.

After all that fun, I took the older two to their cousin's birthday party yet where they were treated to a balloon artist.  Needless to say everyone slept good that night.

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