Sunday, December 18, 2011

December...part 2

There seem to be few days worthy of playing outside this year.  We have hardly any snow.  We had one big snowfall earlier, but a lot of melting temperatures since then have left things a combination of exposed grass and ice.  We did have a slight skiff recently so we all went out. 

I thought it was time to put them all to work.

A lot of the time they have been too sick to play outside too.  It seems we just have a steady rotation of colds and flus going through the house.  Jorja had bronchitis once and was on antibiotics.  CeCe is just getting over a nasty cold.  She always seems to get so hoarse when she's sick.  By supper time, she babbles on in her half words/half gibberish speak in this poor little voice that sounds exactly like Donald Duck.  If you didn't feel so sorry for her, it might be kind of funny.

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