Friday, September 9, 2011

Lunch hour

I have Fridays off, so they used to be my Daddy-girls days.  Quite often we'd go meet Mommy for a lunch date.  Things are going to be different this year with Jorja in Grade 1.  It's still a little strange not having her there, but we had fun playing this morning.  Since she stays at school for lunch the rest of the week, I thought it would be good if she came home on Fridays.  She was thrilled.  It's a bit of a challenge though - you have to cook something, keep it warm, pack the other two up, walk to get her, come home, eat, pack everyone else up again and walk back.  It's fairly rushed, and will only get worse as we need to put more layers on for the walk.  When we took her back, the noon hour recess was still on, so I thought I would just walk her up to where the kids were playing.  We got to the very edge of the playground (a loonnggg way from where anyone was playing) and she said, "Okay, this is good."  She hugged and kissed us all and then she was off, running across the grass by herself.  She sure is growing up.

Ginny and I were playing this morning and she was the grown-up and I was the kid.  She told me I was nine and that she was twenty.  With that age difference, at least she didn't say I was her kid.  After she told me her age, she took some of her hair, pulled it in front of her eyes and said, "But my hair isn't white yet.  You have to be really old for that."  I asked her exactly how old.  She said, "Seven - oh - seven."  Whew, that was close.  I guess we'll all be dead before we have white hair.  Later.

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