Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I'm not sure where September is going, but it seems to be flying by. And fall is coming. It was -5 this morning when I was driving to work. I'm not ready for that yet. It's a good thing we brought the tomatoes and peppers in the night before.

I'm amazed at the drama that goes on on the schoolyard already. I guess I just don't remember being that young. Jorja came home one day this week and said she had a problem. "B asked me to be in her club, and then A asked me to be in her club. A's club only goes during the last recess, but B told me that if I didn't come to her club all the time then I would be kicked out. I went to A's." Sheesh. Then the next day, "A was mad at everyone in her club today because we were all chasing E (a boy) and she didn't want us to. She was angry." Double sheesh. Today she came home and said that "E was falling in love with O. That's a silly thing to do in school." Triple sheesh. What a week, and it's only Wednesday. I asked her if she was falling in love with anyone and she said no. Big sigh of relief. We also told her that any club that you get kicked out of for something silly like that was not worth being part of. Crazy.

Ginny seems to be outgrowing all her clothes these days, so I stood her against the wall where we have all their measurements written. She is about one week over three and a half years old, and she is already taller than Jorja was on her fourth birthday. We pretty much skipped over most of the size 4 clothes and are heading right into the size 5. Now that it's getting cooler out, we're digging out the pants again, and every size four pair either looks like she's ready for a flood or she can't get them up. The shirts are the same way.

CeCe is getting into everything these days. She figured out how to turn the TV on and off, so that seems to give her endless pleasure. Not so much for everyone else. She can also turn on the DVD player, open it, and has been know to taste the DVDs from time to time. We're trying to get her to go down stairs, but getting her to sit down and do it isn't going very well. She thinks she should just walk down them like everyone else. Not good. She has taken one tumble so far (thankfully it was on the carpeted set of steps). I think I'll be bald soon. Later.

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