Saturday, September 29, 2012

Fall morning 2

>> I'm not sure why this didn't send with my picture, but this was what I wrote while watching the kids play:

>> Our Saturday mornings now involve music lessons for CeCe and Ginny. CeCe starts at 9:30 and Ginny at 10:00. It's across town so we've all been going along for the morning. Julie takes CeCe and I kill time with the older two and then I take Ginny while Julie hangs out with Jorja and CeCe. There aren't many stores open on broadway before 10, so walking down the street was getting a little old. Today I found a park a couple of blocks away. Jorja and Ginny are having a blast and I'm enjoying a cup of coffee listening to the sounds of their laughter and enjoying the fall scenery. There probably won't be many more days like this this year. I'm going to enjoy a few more minutes watching them have fun before I have to leave. Later.
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