Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Is this day over yet?  Wowsers, do we have some emotional, overtired little ladies here.

CeCe has basically cut out napping, but she could still use one a couple of times a week.  She gets so overtired by supper, she doesn't know what to do with herself.  She freaks out at the drop of a hat, hits, pulls hair.  It's not pretty.  At any rate, by 6:30 and she was fast asleep.  Tomorrow will be a nap day for her.

Jorja had a field trip today and spent the entire day outside.  All that fresh air and exercise for a full day makes for one tired girl.  Throw into the mix some boy sitting behind her on the bus reaching over the seat and pinching her, and she was a mess.  (Why do little boys think hitting and pinching girls is an acceptable form of flirting?)  Anyway, they went to Blackstrap, which is a little man-made ski 'mountain' outside Saskatoon.  She hiked, touched a tame garter snake, saw a frog, saw a badger hole, and tripped and fell and skinned her hand.  She took a pretty good chunk out of her palm and it was still pretty dirty tonight.  So it had to be cleaned.  Well, you would not believe the tears and wailing that ensued.  She does not deal well with pain, especially when she's overtired.  You'd have thought I amputated it when I put the peroxide on.  She was in bed before 7 too, reading until 7:15, instead of the usual 7:45. 

Ginny was a bit off today too.  Adjusting to preschool is taking a lot out of her.  Tonight when it was almost bedtime, she discovered a little sliver on her thumb.  I mean tiny, and close to the surface.  One good scratch would have it out.  But I tried to be gentle at first, and then she went into full blown hysterics.  I never did get the sliver out.  After the other two, my fight was gone.  It will probably rub out tomorrow when she's playing anyway.

At any rate, it is now 7:00 and all is quiet.  And I'm spent.  I've got to get that man cave built before they're all teenagers.  (Or parent cave - I agreed to let Julie in too.)  Later.

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