Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Back to School

I really need to start writing more regularly again.  September is almost half over.  Crazy.

September has meant the start of school.  Jorja is now in grade two and Ginny started preschool.  Julie took Ginny for an hour last Friday for the first day/orientation (where the parents stay).  Then I took Monday afternoon off work to take her for her first day on her own.  We were a little worried about how she would react, but she did really well - no tears.  I could tell she was close, but she kept it together.  After I left her, I realized I was pretty close too.  It's hard to believe how fast they grow up.  She had a good first day though and was excited to show off her first craft.  Apparently 'circle time' is kind of boring though.  I hope she doesn't find it too boring in general.  I guess we'll see.  Hopefully she can make a couple new friends.  As I was tucking her in last night, I said I was excited to hear about how her second day of preschool was.  (It's today - she goes every other afternoon.)  She look up at me and said, "Yeah, but it will probably be just like the first day.  If there's anything new, I'll tell you."  What a kid.

I am pleased to report that the younger two girls love of Neil Diamond is not waning.  Every day when I pick them up from work, they ask for a song.  I'm gradually broadening their song range too.  CeCe's favourite at the moment seems to be Shilo and Ginny's is 'Salvation Show'.  CeCe is also a big fan of 'New Jeans' (which is Forever in blue jeans) and America.  Jorja still claims she doesn't like any of it, but I think she's just saying that.  Who could resist Neil?  The other night when I was tucking CeCe into bed, I asked her if she wanted me to sing her a song.  Julie usually puts her to bed and sings her a song.  Jesus Loves Me, You and my Sunshine, Twinkle Twinkle and some of her usual requests.  She asked me to sing Shilo.  What a moment. 

Speaking of music, the girls all really like the song Springsteen by Eric Church.  I took this opportunity to explain to them that it was about an actual singer named Bruce Spingsteen.  Then I played some Springsteen.  I am happy to say that the younger two are now hooked on Darlington County.  Good stuff.

We went to Julie's folks' place for the long weekend.  They were busy with harvest, so the older two girls each got to go for a combine ride.  They thought that was pretty cool.  CeCe went in the truck, but it was tough to get her out of the grain testing shed.  Jorja was lucky enough to get a handful of grain.  She was really proud of that.  She carried it from the field back to the farm (sharing some with Ginny along the way) and then asked Nanny for a bag, so she could keep it.  City kids.

Here's some pictures from the last little while:

Ginny after her first day of preschool

CeCe the grain tester at Julie's parents' farm at harvest

Jorja reading with great grandma

Ginny playing some campfire bingo

Jorja on her first day of Grade 2

Jorja playing frisbee

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