Thursday, October 7, 2010

Let's talk turkey

Yesterday when I picked Jorja up from Kindergarten, she was proudly holding a few popcorn kernels.  I asked what they were for and she replied that they were to feed to the ladybug.  What ladybug is that I asked.  She said that she and her friend found a ladybug at recess, and her friend put the ladybug in a bag to keep it safe until the next day.  That is when they would return with the popcorn and feed the ladybug.  I didn't have the heart to tell her how this was going to turn out.  So today, we set out, popcorn in pocket, ready to feed the ladybug at recess.  When I asked her if they fed the ladybug today, she said, "Nah, somebody stepped on it."  I guess at least that fate was quick.

The Kindergarten class has also been learning about Thanksgiving.  One of their projects was to tell the teacher how to cook a turkey.  Today, all the responses were transcribed and posted on the walls outside the classroom.  Let me tell you, there were some interesting ones.  One of the most popular places to get a turkey from is Walmart.  Quite a few started off that way.  One girl was just going to have the turkey as a guest and eat roast beef.  One said you didn't even have to cook it.  Here is what Jorja had to say:  "First you have to go down to the pond to see if you can find a turkey.  Then catch him with some sticky tape.  Tape his mouth shut so he doesn't gobble.  Then cook him on the BBQ for 69 hours.  Cut his wings off so that he doesn't fly away."  Kind of a sadistic little thing.  Later.

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  1. Too funny... Sounds like she needs to hang out with her Grandma Sandy & learn some cooking skills! :o) Oh the imagination!