Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Saturday morning, Julie and the two older girls went to a princess party.  It was being put on by a local church.  They got all dressed up and had a blast.  They got their nails done, there was a fashion show where each girl got to do their little turn on the catwalk.  *I'm too sexy for for my cat, too sexy for my cat, what you think about that...on the catwalk, I shake my little tush on the catwalk*  Sorry about that, I was having a bad '90's flashback courtesy of the 'Right said Fred' song.  Anyway, they even asked the girls questions so they could read the answers out while they were walking.  'Here we have Jorja whose favourite food is grapes...and here is Ginny, whose favourite food in cheese buns.'  Yes, our girls have very high class tastes.

On Monday, after we dropped Jorja off at school, the rest of us went to Julie's office to drop something off.  Apparently Ginny took this opportunity to step out from her big sister's shadow and shine.  She talked and talked and talked.  She's still on her Kiersten kick too.  Someone asked her how she was doing and called her by her name.  She said, "Actually, sometimes I like to call myself Kiersten." 

CeCe is  growing and changing every day it seems.  She loves to roll around on the floor, and sometimes it looks like she wants to crawl.  Heaven help us.  Her little tooth is growing and is almost visible when she smiles now.  Last night, she slept through the whole night - from 7 to 7.  She usually has a  bottle  around midnight, but not last night.  It was awesome.  Now if only the other two would sleep past 6:30.  Later.

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