Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Chester bear

I'm not sure if it's a practise with a lot of schools, but Jorja's class has a bit of a mascot - Chester bear.  Maybe mascot is giving him a bit too much credit - he's just a black teddy bear, nothing special.  Chester spent the first month of school, but now he is taking turns going home with all the kids for a night.  He has a journal for you to write what he did and a change of clothes for night all neatly contained in his own backpack.  Jorja was 'lucky' enough to get Chester for the Thanksgiving long weekend - well, she thought she was lucky, I thought it was rather the opposite.  School is kind of a breeding ground for coughs, colds, flues.  Isn't it enough that we send our kids there and allow them back into the house to spread their new-found germs?  Do we really need to bring a little disease-spreader into our home?  I'm not saying we're innocent either.  Ginny and her snotty little nose had to kiss the thing goodbye.  The only upside to the situation is that Jorja was the second kid to bring it home.  Better that than the eighteenth.  Later.

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