Friday, March 7, 2014

Kilts, hats and disgusting soup

I went back to work this week after nearly six weeks off. Things went fairly well, except the getting up shortly after 5am was a little rough. But after three days  back, I had to take a day off because our sitter is on holidays. 

I was hanging out with CeCe while the other two girls were in school. She decided we should play barbies. Alright. Then she thought I should be the dad Barbie. Alright. We only have one ken, so I found him and of course, he was naked. I began looking for his clothes and found a shirt, but couldn't track down any pants. Hmm. What to do? I found the skirt that was most kilt-looking and went for that. (It was plaid anyway). In retrospect, it may have been a wee bit short. 
Oh well, it did the trick until we were ready for our next game which involved bean bags, bean bag targets/buckets and my head.  
And of course a photo bomb by CeCe. 

The girls had skating lessons last night, and I was looking to make supper. I asked Ginny what we should have. She said, 'something simple.'  I like simple. I asked her if we should have tomato soup. She said, 'something simple that isn't disgusting.' Alright. I guess that explains why it takes her the better part of an hour to choke down a bowl. Now we know exactly how she feels. Later. 

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