Saturday, March 1, 2014

Guilty or great?

After nearly six weeks since my hernia surgery, I go back to work on Monday. This past week, I spent a little bit of time at the school with the kids. 

Let me start the story by backing up a couple of weeks. Jorja was really upset thinking I was no longer the same person and that she would never have any fun with me again. In her defense, I was kind of a downer, but I didn't think it was that bad. Anyway, at this same time, Jorja's teacher emailed everyone saying that she didn't have enough parent readers for the month of February. (Every day, the kids go out into the hall one by one and read a little bit to a parent volunteer.) So I emailed back and signed up for a day. 

On Monday, I went to the school right after lunch and listened to the kids read. It turned out to be ok. They were well behaved for the most part. There sure is a difference in reading levels throughout a class though. Must make teaching tough. Before I left for the school and I was having second thoughts, I texted Julie and asked her why I signed up for this. She texted back that it was because I was a great dad and loved my kids. I texted back that I'm pretty sure it was guilt but I liked her answer better. It's a fine line between guilt and greatness. 

Jorja was thrilled though and spent several days before and after talking about it. This led Ginny to feel that I should come to her class too. So my greatness took over and I emailed her teacher to see if she needed any extra hands this week. I went down for an hour Thursday morning and helped out a bit. Ginny told me the night before that it was going to be a big art project, so I was a little worried, but it was pretty benign. I'm pretty sure it was just a make work project to let me help out. In any case, Ginny was thrilled too. 
It is looks like that that make it all worthwhile. Later. 

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