Sunday, September 15, 2013

Ginny is awesome

We are now through the first full week of school and hopefully settling into a bit of a routine.  I guess Ginny hasn't had a full week yet - they were eased into kindergarten pretty gradually.  First an hour with a parent there, then a full morning with only half the class, then finally the whole class for the whole morning.  Piano lessons started last Monday evening for the older two girls, so they have their second lesson tomorrow.  They even got a bit of practicing in this week.  Sunday school was also back into full swing this morning.  Ginny and CeCe were both a bit hesitant to go to new classes.  I had to pry CeCe off my leg, but she was fine after I left.  So I was told anyway.  She seemed fine when I picked her up anyway.

Jorja has a new girl in her class at school this year.  It turns out this girl is from Poland and doesn't speak very much English.  Jorja came home with the news that she was going to tutor this girl for the last recess every day.  That is so like Jorja.  After a few days, I asked her how the English lessons were coming.  She said they were good and I asked her if she taught the new girl to say 'Jorja is awesome.'  "No!!" was the response I Jorja gave me.  (A good thing I guess)  However, Ginny had a different idea.  She said, "Dad, it's pronounced 'Ginny is awesome.'"  I think she might cause a little more trouble than Jorja.  Later.

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