Thursday, August 22, 2013

Vacuuming and Miley

When I got home from work yesterday, I wanted the girls to clean up their toys so I could vacuum later. I got Jorja to vacuum once before and she thought that was pretty special, so she wanted to do it again. Then Ginny decided she wanted to vacuum too. I told them that when they were done, they could both vacuum some. (I wonder how long they will fight about wanting to vacuum?) As I was getting supper ready, Jorja came up to complain that Ginny wasn't helping clean up. It was then that I found myself saying, "Well, if she doesn't help clean up, she doesn't get to vacuum." I must have slipped into some alternate reality there. Weird.

Jorja and Ginny have been discovering their own music lately. They have progressed from watching the Disney junior channel to watching the Family channel. Between shows, music videos are periodically shown. Our lives will no longer be the same. Jorja came home from daycare one day and asked to turn on the computer to listen to some music. I said sure. I was making supper when I heard Miley Cyrus's 'the climb' blasting up the stairs. We had eight good years of musical influence I guess. I hope it's enough. At supper I commented on her music choice. She looked at me with wonder. "You like Miley Cyrus?" was what she said, but her look told me she was thinking 'how could someone as old as you know Miley Cyrus?' I didn't say I liked her, just that I had heard the song before. I know there were many times my Dad cringed as he watched 'Good rockin tonight' with me every Friday night. (That was a video show in the 80s for those of us without cable and MTV). But he watched anyway. And every once in a while said, 'this is sick'. Back then, sick didn't mean good. I too will keep an open mind as the kids grow up and express themselves through their music. Even if I cringe now and again. (Or always) Later.

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