Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ninja warriors

This summer, the girls have been watching a show called 'American ninja warrior'. Basically, contestants have to make it through a series of obstacles. There's hanging, climbing, balancing, and other feats of strength involved. There were qualifying events in four cities, with the finals culminating in Las Vegas. I think the finals should be on pretty soon. Anyway, since watching the show, a trip to the park is no longer just a trip to the park.  The jungle gym is now a giant training ground for the next ninja warrior. (Which is going to be one of my daughters). Walls are scaled, monkey bars traversed, walkways spanned by a human bridge. It's pretty impressive actually. I don't know if I should be proud or just afraid for their lives and limbs. So far, we have been lucky, but each trip seems to involve more daring feats. On the upside, summer is almost over. As long as we make it through without a trip to the ER,  I'll be happy. Here are some of the stunts I've witnessed.


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