Monday, January 23, 2012

Loooong neck

On Saturday, Jorja had a birthday party to go to.  It was a '50's style sock-hop in a local school gym.  She had a good time, but that also meant that we had to take Ginny out for something special.  We decided on a new frozen yogurt bar in town called Pure (there are 2 dots on top of the u) and the Giggle Factory.  Pure is a pretty neat place.  It's all self serve - you pick your flavour and load it up with whatever goodies you want - from fresh fruit to cereal to granola to chocolate to gummy worms to sauces to sprinkles.  Then you bring it to the cashier and it's all done by weight.  And it's pretty reasonable - at least compared to something like DQ.  After the ice cream we walked next door to the Giggle Factory, which is a local toy store that always has lots of stuff out for the kids to try.  Jorja and Ginny always like going there, but CeCe really got into it this time.  When it was time to leave, she had a full blown throw-yourself-on-the-ground freak out.  Gotta love that. 

After that, we still had some time to kill, so we walked into the Sasktel store (did I mention this is a pretty great little strip mall?).  We walked out with new iPhones.  Let me say, they are pretty awesome.  Julie has wanted one for a while now, and I was holding out.  But now let's just say I'm glad I got one too.  I opted for the super heavy duty case, just so that nothing happens to it at work.  It took me a while to figure out just how to get the case open and the phone in.  Yes, it is a suit of armor.  I couldn't help but picture the scene from Star Wars where Anakin in becoming Darth Vader.  He is badly burned and frail and quite weak looking.  Then they put his mask on and he comes to life.  *Insert Vader breath here*  That's how I saw my phone in that instant - this frail little thing, and then ready for anything in it's new suit of armor.  As long as I use it for good instead of evil I guess.  Beware the Dark Side Luke.

One of the advantages of an iPhone is the ability to take videos and then upload them to youtube right away.  Here is CeCe with a mouthful of crackers telling what a giraffe has.  It's pretty cute (even with the mouthful of crackers).

We gave our old phone to the girls to play with.  I can't believe how into it Jorja is.  She's taking pictures, videos, writing stories on the 'meemo pad' (that's how she read that) and listening the different ring tones.  Who would have thought all those cheap tinny ring tone melodies could bring so much enjoyment.  If she could actually connect with someone else, I don't think we'd ever see her again.  We could always find her though - just listen for the ring tone.  Later.

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