Sunday, November 30, 2014

Recitals, Movember, cooking and what did I just say?

November is certainly leaving with a lot more snow than normal and crazy cold temperatures.  Yesterday we braved the cold to go to the girls' piano recital.  It was held at an extended care home, and I think it was enjoyed by all.  Here's Jorja:

And Ginny:

And Ginny with her duet partner Mom:

Today is also the last day of Movember.  Once again, I grew the stache and raised a bit of money for prostate cancer research.  Here is the daily progress throughout the month:

Yesterday I was making some banana chocolate chip muffins.  Jorja was helping, as she likes to do.  I find most of my recipes online and one website I like is Mennonite Girls can Cook.  Jorja knows this already, so as we were getting ready to make the muffins, I asked her where we were getting the recipe from.  'Mennonite girls can cook!' she replied.  And then she said, 'But so can Mennonite Dads.'  Aw, what a kid.

Do you ever have one of those experiences where you think to yourself, 'gee, I never imagined I would ever say that'?  I had one of those this afternoon.  The girls were playing polly pockets.  We have an assortment of different sets all the same size - some Barbie, some Disney princess and some Disney fairy ones.  All was going well for a while, but then there was some sort of disagreement.  I wasn't really paying attention, but as it escalated, Ginny came to find me.  She said Jorja wasn't letting her use a dress that had originally been designed for a fairy unless she put it on Tinkerbell.  So then I went in there and said, 'The dresses are for everyone.  Anyone can use any dress.  It doesn't matter if you're human or fairy.'  Then I left.  Then I thought, 'what the heck did I just say?'  Then I chuckled.  What has life become?  Later.

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