Friday, November 29, 2013

Tooth Fairy, home alone and flushed away (not movie reviews)

It has been forever since I've written again.  I guess my birthday resolution isn't panning out all that well.  Let me try to catch up on some things.

A while back, I took the older two girls to the dentist.  So far, so good.  Jorja is eight and still has no cavities.  Definitely doesn't take after me, but that's a good thing.  Jorja has no issues, but Ginny is a bit more tentative in the chair.  She got a little freaked out trying to get xrays last year, and didn't do much better this year.  Still no xrays taken, and no fluoride treatment.  Since that trip, she has lost three teeth and two permanent ones have grown in, all on the bottom in the front.  The baby teeth were loose for a while, and needed to come out, as the permanent ones were coming up already.  Julie got the first one out without too much trouble.  There were some tears, but not too bad.  I managed to get the second one out.  For as loose and wiggly as it was, it seemed to still have a tap root deep seated in there.  I pulled it out, and Ginny was crying and then the blood came.  I've seen quite a few baby teeth pulled, and there's usually a little blood, but this was different.  The space between her lip and gums was filling up.  I was a little freaked out, but tried to keep cool.  Jorja was watching the situation, and the more blood she saw in Ginny's mouth, the more drained from her face.  She was white.  (Might have to rethink that doctor career goal.)  I led Ginny to the bathroom to get her over the sink.  As I was leading her there, I looked at Julie and mouthed the words, "why is there so much blood?!"  She didn't know.  I thought the poor girl was going to bleed out.  I was thinking it was going to look pretty strange heading to the hospital over a pulled tooth.  But we made it to the bathroom, wet a facecloth and got her to bite on that.  Eventually, the flow of blood was staunched and we were able to celebrate the upcoming tooth fairy visit.  I think the tooth fairy might have been a bit more generous that time, but its not every day you suffer an arterial wound from a tooth.

Jorja likes to come home from school by herself on Fridays when I'm home, and I think that's great.  It means I don't have to pack the other two up and drag them along to wait for Jorja.  However, there was a time before the snow came that I had the idea of taking the little two to the playground and just waiting for Jorja.  Jorja wasn't expecting us to be there, so I was on the lookout.  The bell rang and I watched the door.  I didn't see her come out.  Pretty soon the flow of kids was diminishing and still no Jorja.  She's usually a bit poky, so I wasn't too concerned.  We went into the school and checked her room.  Her teacher said she left already.  Oh great, this was not good.  I grabbed the other two and started hurrying for home.  I picked CeCe up and we ran most of the way, but Jorja had beaten us there.  She was banging on the door and no one was answering.  She was almost into panic mode when we got there.  I felt so bad.  There were a lot of tears, and it took a few weeks before she trusted coming home by herself again.  No more surprises from me now.  That was another one of those 'parent of the year' moments.  It was no snowball to the face mind you,but still, probably more emotionally scarring.

I was upstairs doing something with CeCe a while back when Jorja came up to find me.  She was in hysterics.  She dropped something into the toilet.  I have no idea how many rolls of toilet paper  have had to fish out of the toilet in the last year, but it's quite a few.  This was no mere roll of toilet paper though.  This was toothpaste.  I got her calmed down (and decided that this toothpaste would not be used again) and went down to retrieve it.  I looked in the bowl and didn't see anything.  It was a sample tube of toothpaste from the dentist visit, so it wasn't that big.  Jorja said it was in there, just in that 'out of sight' area poop sometimes disappears into.  Great.  I got gloved up and went in.  Only there was nothing there.  I asked her if she was sure it fell into the toilet.  She assured me that it did.  I then asked her if it fell while she was flushing.  Again, she said yes.  I asked her again if it fell in mid-flush.  She said yes.  So we flushed the toothpaste.  That's a first.  At least we didn't have to worry about using it again after.

Kids have an interesting perspective on things.  We were driving somewhere the other day and saw a car with a roof top carrier.  Ginny said, "Look, that car has a helmet."  I guess it does look that way.

We had the girls parent teacher interviews today.  Even if the kids make me pull out the little bit of hair I have left at home, I'm glad to hear how well they do at school.  Jorja continues to excel and now reads at a grade 7 level.  Not bad for someone in grade three.  She's doing a lot better at recess this year too.  There seems to be a lot less drama than the last two years as far as kids excluding her.  Ginny in doing great too.  She is best friends with a boy in her class that goes to the same daycare.  Together, they seem to be able to get into a bit of trouble, but other than that, all is well.  Ginny gets along good with everyone, listens well and is kind and considerate.  We're pretty proud parents.  Later.


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