Thursday, June 20, 2013

Too quick

Some things just seem to happen too fast.  Jorja has experienced a couple of things this month that mean she is growing up way too fast.

She has decided that she wants to walk home from school on Fridays by herself (the other days she walks to daycare with other kids).  So a couple of weeks ago, I said she could.  The other girls and I walked her there, and then waited as she was due home for lunch.  It's not very far, but it involves crossing a fairly major road.  So Ginny and I sat on the step.  And waited.  CeCe wasn't too concerned.  Jorja is a poky kid getting ready to come home at the best of times, so I'm not sure why I was waiting the minute school let out.  I paced.  I walked to the edge of the yard and looked around the corner.  Nothing.  I guess it had only been a minute.  So I sat back down and waited.  Sure enough, there she came.  She rounded the corner into sight with the biggest grin possible on her face.  She was pretty proud of herself.  I was proud too.  A little nervous, but proud.  She wanted to walk back to school, but I wasn't ready for that yet.  If she's coming home, I know when she gets there.  How do I know if she makes it back to school?  That would just be too long of an afternoon.  I guess she's more ready than me.

Jorja also had her first sleepover.  She was invited to a birthday party sleepover and really wanted to go.  So we said yes, and off she went.  There was no midnight call to come get her (maybe because they were still up doing whatever 8 year old girls do till after midnight).  No call at three in the morning.  No call first thing in the morning.  She was fine.  Again, a little more ready for these things than her parents.

Ginny is also growing up quickly.  On Friday, I took her to the kindergarten open house at school.  She was pretty excited to go and 'check things out.'  The principal talked to the parents while the teacher took all the students for almost an hour.  She was gone and never looked back.  She may be a little more hesitant come September as there will be a new teacher that we've never met.  Hopefully not.  I'm sure her parents will be hesitant enough for everyone.

CeCe's potty training continues to progress.  (This is one thing I won't be upset to be grown out of.) We're down to just night time diapers.  She has conquered the pooping in the toilet fear.  It turns out, she just likes her privacy.  Every time she announced she had to go and someone went with her, she would get stage fright and clam right up.  So now she has just started sneaking off by herself and doing the deed, then proudly announcing when it's over.  Whatever works.  She even does that business in the big toilet so we don't have to dump the poop out of the little potty.  Bonus!  She still pees in the little one, which is oval shaped.  I mention the shape because whenever she goes, she stands up, looks down at it and triumphantly declares, "I peed and egg!"  Later.

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