Wednesday, September 8, 2010


It's taken a few days, but Jorja finally seems to be relaxing and enjoying Kindergarten. She talked non-stop the whole way home today, stopping only long enough to give her little sister the hugs she wanted. Jorja seems to be coming out of her shell a bit more now too - she said goodbye to some girls in passing, they said goodbye to her - this was unheard of in preschool. Then it was like once you were out of the room, you didn't know anyone. She said she made two new friends (girls that she didn't go to preschool with) and generally had a good time I think.

Ginny had a nap today while Jorja was at Kindergarten. When she woke up, she came out to the garage to see me where I was doing some cleaning. When I was done, I had to move the car from the street back into the garage. I asked her if she wanted to come with me and sit in the front seat for the few feet that it was to drive. She was quite excited by this turn of events. Maybe Jorja being gone isn't such a bad thing after all. I buckled her in, rolled down her window, turned up some Meatloaf and she put on her shades. She looked at me through her tinted lenses and asked, "What do you call this look?" I don't know, I replied. "Rockstar!" she said. I cranked up 'Bat out of Hell' and we were off.

CeCe still isn't sleeping - the poor thing just can't shake this cold. She is so tired, but just can't sleep. We rock her for a while, till all the snuffling stops and you know that the snot has now drained to the one nostril. They we lay her down on that side, so that she has one clear nostril to breathe through. Then she's good for a while until she rolls over. Then everything plugs up and she is up again. It gets to be a long night. Later.

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